How to walk in high heels

Broke the bank to invest in those fancy pair of heels you absolutely had to have the second you saw them in the shop window, only to realize that you can’t walk more than three feet in them without support? Trust us, we’ve all been there. Luckily, these life hacks and handy household items are here to rescue you from the curse of the high heel:

Cut off a small piece of tape and wrap it around your third and fourth toe together to take pressure off the ball of the foot and avoid pain in high heels. It may sound a little crazy but your feet will be thanking you and you’ll be thanking us later!


As a rule of thumb, always walk from heel to toe, not toe to heel. Putting your heel first will significantly reduce your chances of stumbling.


Still worried about toppling over? Rub sand paper on the bottom of your sole to improve the grip significantly.

Screenshot 3

New heels killing off your toes one by one? Wear a couple of socks and run a blow-dryer over the problem areas to make the fabric loosen up and accommodate your feet comfortably.

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Avoid blisters by rubbing some roll-on deodorant on the problem areas of your foot. Or massage in some lip balm gently on your foot to avoid limping with pain during your night out. 

lip balm

There you go! Remove those pricey heels from the closet and strut like no one’s watching.

priyanka exotic


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