Hrithik lands with Rado at New Delhi’s IGI airport

Elle had a very special date on 14th February with Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. The brand ambassador for Rado watches shared his thoughts on his six year long association with the brand, as well as its first ever global airport store launch at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

“Being associated with Rado has been a pleasurable experience. The philosophy it stands by matches my own – “Imagine it, have it” is something I live by,” said Roshan, congratulating Rado on its T3 monobrand store launch. Did Rado affect his equation with watches? Yes, and intensely so. “I never really loved watches or bothered about what watch I wore till I was approached by Rado, and now I can’t do without them. Very simply put, I truly love the watches.”

Roshan sported the new Rado HyperChrome for the launch, adding that several of his favourites from the brand were stocked carefully back in his Mumbai home. “What I like is the fact that they [the watches] show strength and durability; all the human characteristics I appreciate are also in the watches. They’re also made in the lightest and strongest materials; the ceramic is phenomenal.”

On #FlywithRADO aiming to make travel and living easier, Hrithik said, “People wear watches for a host of reasons. It could be for fashion, to look at the time, because it makes the wearer feel complete, or because it makes the wrist feel good. Rado satisfies all these reasons.” He then talked about his most recent trip to the city of Benaras, saying, “It was my first time in the city, shooting for Super 30. The people of the city are very intelligent – quick to understand and act, which I don’t see much otherwise even though I’ve travelled all over the world.”

Finally, since Rado’s big launch was at an airport, Elle asked the superstar about his best airport purchase till date. “All the watches I’ve bought have been at airports. One time I decided my crew and staff needed good watches, so I bought everyone a watch on that trip. It’s the only thing I’ve actually bought at an airport. Otherwise I pass my time at bookstores.” Thanks for the tip, Hrithik. We’ll keep our eyes peeled.












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