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Hrithik Roshan rated the most handsome man in the world

Can you guess the other Bollywood celeb on this list?

By ELLE team  January 15th, 2018

The website World’s Top Most is at it again, rating celebrities and pitting them against each other. No one is really sure on the accuracy of their rating method but it does seem to involve taking into consideration the physical appearance, box office ratings, endorsements and fan following of the celebrities in question. This year they’ve named Hrithik Roshan the hottest male celebrity in the world for the year 2017-2018. The hottest in the world. We at ELLE do not have the scientific data to back this up but as a completely objective third party with no personal gain in the matter can we just say, “Yum”?


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We’re not sure who voted for this or if it was simply the algorithm that put this phenomenon into play or if the votes were simple multiplied by the number of abs you have and then tallied. Hrithik, at number one with his set of eight, while Salman managed to creep on to the list too at number seven. In case you’re wondering who else made it to the list, we’re here to assist you in the shameless objectification of these men. For data and analytical purposes, of course. Purely scientific.

No.2 was hot-list favourite Brad Pitt

At No.3 is Godfrey Gao, Taiwanese-born Canandian actor and your newest Instagram crush.


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At No. 4 is Robert Pattinson still riding the Twilight wave, but sure, we see the appeal.

At No.5 is Denzel Washington, who we’re near certain doesn’t have any social media accounts, but he’s also a veteran. Show us some new faces please.

And at No. 6 our thirst request has been processed and answered with Omarborkan Al Gala, an Iraqi model, photographer and entrepreneur.


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No. 7 is occupied by none other than Bhai which makes us question whether this is an international list or not, but let’s not question Salman’s popularity.

Canada seems to house more hot models than they can handle right now. We would be happy to take No. 8, Noah Mills of their hands 

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No. 9 is another list regulat, Tom Cruise who has beat out Hrithik in the past, maybe it’s time to shake the list up. No Idris Elba?

At No. 10 is His Royal Highness, Prince William.