How much can you possibly read into this picture of Hrithik and Suzanne? Advertisement

How much can you possibly read into this picture of Hrithik and Suzanne?

We did it, so you don't have to

By ELLE team  January 11th, 2017

So birthday boy Hrithik Roshan hung out with ex-wife Suzanne Khan and knowing how the internet works, we know headlines asking ‘Are they back together?!!’ or  ‘What does it all mean?’ are not far behind. But to stay true to our ‘One act of good karma a day’ resolution, we decided to do a detailed scientific analysis of the picture and the possible conclusions that can be drawn from it. You’re welcome.

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They are mirroring each other’s pose.

Look at the way their hands are positioned. A study done by researchers who should be spending valuable resources on discovering the cure for cancer or looking into the existence of aliens claimed that couples who are in love are so used to being with each other that they often unconsciously mirror each other’s body movement and gestures.

Their unconscious fashion choices for the day

Hrithik is wearing a sweatshirt that says ‘Love Peace’ and Suzanne is wearing a white dress. White is the universal colour of peace. Add the two and you get a pretty clear, in-your-face message that they are getting back together. Subliminal conditioning is very real, yougaiz.  

Hema Malini is endorsing aata in the background

This is probably the most important factor to consider in this whole equation. Ask yourself: Would Hema Malini deign to endorse anything anywhere that is not a picture of pure domestic goodness? The answer is right there.

Both of them are stepping forward, right leg first

The aforementioned study proves that walking in sync is a sure sign that the couple has a deep understanding of each other’s mental states. Or that they’re in a marching parade. But our keen scientific eye also notices the lack of a marching band in the background so we’ll make our own conclusions, thank you.

They are not making direct eye contact with the camera

Studies that we just did five seconds ago have shown that the only reason people avoid making eye contact is because they are hiding something big. And what could be bigger news for Indian tabloids than Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne getting back together? That Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are finally admitting to being together. But it’s definitely the second biggest thing.

There you go. You have all the facts, now wait for the headlines.