This article on Anushka Sharma’s career reminds us that casual sexism is alive and well! Advertisement

This article on Anushka Sharma’s career reminds us that casual sexism is alive and well!

How many bad decisions does it take to make a front-page story?

By Rochelle Pinto  December 13th, 2017

Anushka Sharma should be very grateful. Because the editors at national entertainment daily HT Cafe, in their infinite wisdom, called upon four men to assure the actress that her career “has a long way to go and is far from over.” Control that gag reflex, because there’s more delicious BS being served up. The writer of the piece (nail to the head, she’s a woman) thought to ask filmmaker Anubhav Sinha if marriage is a roadblock for a top female actor’s career. Instead of slamming the phone down, Sinha decided he loves the taste of foot-in-mouth and responded. “It totally depends on the individual. I feel that Anushka has at least five dozen great movies still to come.”

You can stop holding your breath now, Anushka. The director of Tum Bin 2 has spoken.   

Anxious to join this highway pile-up, Omar Qureshi points out that Anushka has “married such an international icon that it’s going to be even more difficult for naysayers.” Who needs talent, drive and charm when you have a husband! *Quickly creates profile on*

Just when you thought this intellectual hara-kiri had reached its peak — like Anushka’s career before she went and screwed it all up by getting married, damn her — trade analyst Sanjay Mehta thought the front page story would be incomplete without his pearls of wisdom. “It’s just that Anushka might have become more selective with roles. But then, there’s every kind of cinema today, so she has a safe career path. 

Oh silly us, here we thought that the woman who set up her own film production house and fashion brand didn’t have to worry about sitting at home twiddling her thumbs.         

This unfortunate story is a classic case of not knowing your misguided feminism from your casual sexism. We get it, that’s too many ‘isms’ to expect an army of editors to decode.