Huemn's provocative new campaign is breaking taboos about love and sex Advertisement

Huemn’s provocative new campaign is breaking taboos about love and sex

Try looking away

By Shweta Gandhi  October 9th, 2017

Love — the powerful entity that created you, me, and this entire existence — is complicated. Love is relative, and its undercurrent flows through everything we experience, thinks Pranav Mishra, co-founder of HUEMN. The brand’s latest campaign Humans Are Made To Love explores the idea of love and self-love through powerful imagery that will provoke strong emotions of togetherness and compassion within you.

Picture courtesy: Pranav Mishra

“Given the state of affairs around the world, with so much hate and politics going around, the need of the hour is to just stop what we’re doing and look at loving each other,” says Pranav. “Sex and masturbation are still considered a taboo in India — it is okay for men to speak and joke about masturbation, but if a woman speaks about it, it is frowned upon.”

It’s time we addressed the elephant in the room, and that’s exactly what Pranav aims to achieve through the campaign which sees provocative images that are meant to cause a stir. From a lone woman touching herself and a curvy woman hugging a young boy to two gay men holding hands and standing together, there is nothing coy about any of these pictures.

“If India has to move forward, we have to start treating subjects like intimacy, sex, love and masturbation as a normal part of our life,” says Pranav. “Fashion is so much more than clothes, and it is only through strong visuals that we can bring about a change in people’s perceptions. My goal is to make fashion relevant, and this is how I see it happening,” he adds.

Picture courtesy: Pranav Mishra