Huma Qureshi Joins Hands With 'A Breath Of Life' Initiative To Help The People Of Delhi Advertisement

Huma Qureshi Joins Hands With ‘A Breath Of Life’ Initiative To Help The People Of Delhi

Do it for the little ones, they need you

By Anavi Chander  May 11th, 2021

‘Breath of Life,’ an initiative by Save The Children, is striving to provide the city of Delhi with life-saving medical care. It is a part of the #ProtectAMillion mission that aims to reach 1 million children and their families across 14 states affected by the second wave of the pandemic. The initiative is working towards setting up and operating a 100-bed medical facility in Delhi, backed with two dedicated oxygen plants with a capacity of 260 litres/minute.

In close collaboration with South Delhi, District Administration, the facility will be well-equipped with oxygen concentrators and cylinders with flow meters along with essential medical equipment such as stretchers, wheelchairs, beds, PPE kits among others. Healthcare supplies, oximeters, thermometers, medicines and supplements will be fully stocked as well.

Humanitarian aid will be provided to patients who cope with the virus in the form of counselling, consultation and psychological support. 

Actress Huma Qureshi has joined forces with the initiative and has organised a fundraiser for the cause. A sum of INR 2 crore is needed to reach the worst-hit sections. Save The Children aims to ease the burden on the healthcare system and calls upon the citizens to aid them in this process. 


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