‘I jiggle therefore I am’ Advertisement

‘I jiggle therefore I am’

A big, fat hug to Sport England’s new campaign

By Deepa Menon  January 19th, 2015

Swimming makes me feel strong and graceful. But I don’t do it that often, you know why? I hate that walk from the changing room to the pool. In that moment, I am nothing but a pair of wobbling thighs and exposed bottom. I’ve never heard a giggle or unkind comment, but I have imagined all of them. This is why you don’t see too many fatties exercise in plain sight. We know from various sports shoe ads that fitness is for the already fit. And we want to spare you the sight of our jiggling bellies. Well, screw that.

A new campaign ‘This Girl Can’ by Sport England, a British government department, is a response to a study that proved there is a gender gap in exercise. Two million fewer women participate in sports than men, in the 14-40 age group. And why aren’t they out there swinging racquets, doing laps and running? Because they hate that walk to the pool. This ad, set to the sexiest song in the whole world, folds in everything that happens when a fat girl gets moving: the arm flaps, the belly wobble, the breathlessness (oh my god, the breathlessness) and the effect of a sports bra on back fat. But also: the flushed face, the sweat (oh my god, so much sweat) and that moment of exhausted triumph at the end of a session. You are strong, you are graceful and you, my friend, can kick some serious balls.

For more inspiration, watch out for updates from #ELLEActive, our year-long initiative to get you up and moving. Let’s jiggle together!