India is making amazing progress in clean energy

The world is in the throes of a massive climate crisis and every little bit to conserve the environment helps. India has surfaced as a leading power in the green energy revolution, a report by the World Economic Forum suggests. Aside from spearheading two major clean energy projects, India is well on its way to exceed expectations set in the Accord de Paris, an agreement within UN’s Framework convention on climate change.

The Paris agreement set a hard target for the reduction of our dependency on non-renewable energy resources. The signing countries agreed to work towards a 40% cut by 2030. According to the report by WEF, 60% of India’s electricity will be produced with non-fossil fuels by 2027. This means that India will be nearly three and a half years ahead of the targets set in the agreement. 

Tim Buckley, a director at the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis said, “India is moving beyond fossil fuels at a pace scarcely imagined only two years ago.” He added that the Draft National Electricity Plan submitted by Piyush Goyal, India’s energy minister, is commercially viable and justified without subsidies, which has caused big global corporations to commit to it.

The government’s green energy push and the private sector’s investment in clean energy projects, as seen with Kamuthi’s solar plant, is responsible for the increased usage of renewable energy sources in India.

Check out World Economic Forum’s report right here: 


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