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25 new Indian brands for your beauty cabinet

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By Mamta Mody  January 11th, 2019

Here’s a resolution that’s easy to keep: try new beauty products in 2019. We have rounded-up 25 promising indie brands that will inspire you to branch out into fresh territory—scroll to see more.

Photographs: Imaxtree.com (Backstage)

RAS Luxury Oils Radiance beauty-boosting day face elixir, Rs 2,250

Besides skin and hair, RAS Luxury Oils also takes care of our wellness needs with classic essential oil remedies. Pick this face oil to give your skin a dewy glow. 

Neemli Naturals Hyaluronic and Vitamin C Serum, Rs 2,250

A rising star in the clean beauty space, Neemli Naturals has got your entire regimen covered. Its vegan serum (yes, hyaluronic acid is often animal-based) will fade dark spots and gently exfoliate skin for a healthy glow.

Naturma Zesty Fusion Aloe Vera Gel, Rs 295

With aloe vera as the hero ingredient in every formula, it’s a good budget buy for your green beauty needs. Put this multi-tasker to test as a make-up remover, skin soother, or freeze it in an ice tray to use as a face mask.

Arata Shampoo, Rs 575

Try Arata for its no-nasties haircare line that promises to nourish and balance hair and scalp. Did we mention it comes curly girl approved?

Mittee Vapurda Polish ’n Treat, Rs 17,695 (part of a 4-piece set)

Based on global beauty rituals, this luxury brand has created the ultimate four-step anti-ageing routine. The champion lactic-acid exfoliator sloughs away glow-zapping dead skin while also soothing it.

Dot & Key Pre-Swim Skin & Hair Chlorine Protection Spray, Rs 895

Even a 10-step routine can have a few blind spots. Dot & Key fills in the gaps with genius products for armpits, elbows and knees. We’re stocking up on this water-resistant spray for summer pool parties.


Sabrina Suhail Lipstick, Rs 1,700-2,700

Visit the make-up artist’s Bengaluru store to tailor-make a vegan lipstick (you can even pick the aroma). Or simply pick the bestselling shades from her online store.

Spoil Your Body Body Velvet, Rs 850

The fluffy Shea butter creme does exactly what it says on the label, which is make your body as smooth as velvet. Watch out for the soon-to-be launched exfoliating jelly.

Love Organically Lavender Sleep Tight Body Wash, Rs 950

With allergies on the rise, baby-friendly bodycare is the wisest option. Treat yourself to a scented body wash to get a welcome break from adulting.

Naturma Zesty Fusion Aloe Vera Gel, Rs 295

With aloe vera as the hero ingredient in every formula, it’s a good budget buy for your green beauty needs. Put this multi-tasker to test as a make-up remover, skin soother, or freeze it in an ice tray to use as a face mask.

Zahara Skincare Purple Kush Face Mask, Rs 900

Based on rituals practiced by Kashmiri and Arab families, Zahara sources ingredients from family-owned, organic farms; even the silk worm cocoons (wonderful natural exfoliators) are cruelty-free. Pick this lavender mask to soothe acneic skin.

Caveman Naturals Natural Deodorant, Rs 625

End your search for a natural deodorant. This raw Shea butter, tea tree oil and organic diatomaceous earth (to absorb BO) blend has been tested to withstand some tricky conditions—including a 15-hour trek.

VAUNT Tamanu and Cranberry Seed Face Oil, Rs 599

Vaunt’s limited line of six products promise to be the biggest allies of a clean, pocket-friendly skin routine. Its transparent ingredient list, divine textures, and this hardworking face oil have already tempted us to switch to an eco-friendly routine.

Juicy Chemistry Coffee and Juniper Berry Cellulite Buster, Rs 550

Make it your go-to for updated home remedies with ingredients that are sensitive skin approved. Introduce the body oil in your weekly scrub to moisturise and improve lymphatic drainage.

APS Cosmetofood Chocolate Mousse Skin Soother, Rs 1,500

When a panel of bio-technologists, wellness experts and doctors get their hands on your favourite DIY remedies, expect delicious and effective concoctions, like a firming avocado mask, a brightening almond serum, or this delectable chocolate massage cream.

Raw Beauty Chamkeela Natural Toothpowder, Rs 390

The small-batch beauty brand strips out unwanted chemicals. Start with this Himalayan rock salt and charcoal tooth powder.

ENN Rosé Moisturiser, Rs 750

A no-frills solution for greasy skin, this lightweight gel uses the power of aloe vera, rose oils and vitamin E to keep your face hydrated, and the grease away. Look out for its masks that are specifically created for congested skin.

Ohria Ayurveda Japa Pushpa Thailam, Rs 1,390

Ayurvedic practices and herbs form the core of each formulation, and this fragrant oil promises to be as powerful as your grandmom’s secret hair fall remedy.

Moringa What Moringa Oil, Rs 1,090

By now we’re all too familiar with the benefits of moringa in our beauty and breakfast routines. But between an overpriced moringa smoothie and this skin quenching cold-pressed oil, we know where your money is going.

Ilana Organics Brightening Skin Serum, Rs 790

While the jury is still out on the brand’s claim that their products are ‘good enough to eat’, glowing customer reviews assure us of the efficacy of these all-natural formulas. This bestseller is proof: packed with vitamin C from papaya and lemon, it reduces dark spots and acne marks.

Daughter Earth Active Botanical Facewash,  Rs 675

It cleanses just as well as any other facewash, but without paraben, alcohol and phthalate. The Ayurvedic brand also gives part of its profits to afforestation initiatives and girl child education. Great for your skin and your conscience.

Alanna Night Miracle Serum, Rs 600

Think face oil isn’t for acne-prone skin? This botanical blend from the all-natural skincare brand proves it can brighten, heal and reduce future breakouts. We love that they skip artificial fragrances, which makes it a great choice for sensitive skin.

The Moms Co Natural Vita Rich Face Cream, Rs 699

‘Exhausted mommy skin syndrome’ is a real thing. That’s why the people at The Moms Co have created multitasking formulas that demand little time. What more? It’s also toxin-free.

Shankara Naturals Blemish Support Face Oil, Rs 3,450

Balance your skin, doshas and emotional health with Shankara Naturals. This non-comedogenic oil controls breakouts and excess sebum, no matter what your reigning dosha.

Dr Sheth’s Clarifying Sulphur Face Mask, Rs 749

Fact: French and Korean skincare aren’t tailored for melanin-rich Indian skin. Dr Sheth’s has put three generations of expertise into finding what really works, like this mask that tackles blackheads and brightens the face.