The fabulous lives of India's millionaire heiresses Advertisement

The fabulous lives of India’s millionaire heiresses

They breathe Dior, no joke

By Hasina Khatib  April 21st, 2017

Social media fame is hard-earned, but these heiresses are up to the challenge. A lazy snap of an all-Dior wardrobe here, a selfie atop a private yacht there. A generation of Instagram rich kids is out there, effortlessly commanding eyeballs with every flick of their solitaire-studded fingers while they set about building their own business empires.   

Kresha Bajaj isn’t just sitting pretty with the combined combined fortunes of her industrialist father Kishor Bajaj (of Badasaab fame) and her jeweller husband Vanraj Zaveri. The young fashion designer is aggressively expanding her own label, Koëcsh by Krésha Bajaj, and is the creator of the love story lehenga. Then there’s sixth generation scion of the Birla family Ananya Birla, who already has more hyphens to her job description than people twice her age. The music-driven moghul is bidding for pop stardom dropping high quality music videos and booking AfroJack on production.

India’s millionaire heiresses of Instagram  

Kresha Bajaj, founder of Koëcsh and daughter of Kishor Bajaj

For their first anniversary, Krésha's husband Vanraj whisked her away to the exclusive Cheval Blanc Randheli resort in the Maldives, presumably to have this precise moment captured for posterity.   

Not many would be bold enough to carry off these Gucci fur slippers, but Krésha isn't afraid to take a few sartorial risks. And about that Gucci obsession...    

Kresha's personal style ranges from the bold to the elegant. Case in point: her choice of Byredo perfume, Valentino nude accessories and Diptyque candles. 

When your husband is the heir to the billion-dollar Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri jewellery empire, you can expect a few one-of-a-kind beauties on your wedding day. 

Need a quick lesson in stacking for day? Kresha's Omega gold watch goes perfectly with costume baubles from Prerto.   

Krésha made a stunning bride on her wedding day, with her custom-made lehenga that detailed the couple's love story in cream and gold.  

Who needs one pair of Gucci heels when you can have eight, right? Krésha is a Gucci loyalist, and you'll spot the brand dot her Instagram feed.

Krésha pulls from the movie star's bag of tricks, sporting a wide-brimmed hat and designer sunglasses on holiday.  

The Bajaj daughters inherited their father's entrepreneurial genes. Krésha founded the label Koëcsh, where she pushes the boundaries of cocktail dressing. She's also the creator of the love story lehenga, where real-life details of the bridal couple's romance are embroidered onto the bride's wedding garments. Her idea started something of a movement on Instagram, and found so much favour among young brides that Tollywood star Samantha Akkineni chose Krésha to create her wedding trousseau.      

Ananya Birla, entrepreneur, musician and daughter of Kumar Birla

When your father is one of the biggest tycoons in the country, vintage cars kind of come with the territory. 

When was the last time you danced on a stage with your face plastered on a giant LED screen, in perfect formation with your crew? Go on, we’ll wait.  

Fringe leather jacket, spiffin’ cool convertible and that ‘I woke up like this’ smirk: Check, check and check. 

Jammin’ with remix king AfroJack. Just another night in the life of Ananya Birla. 

Between her singing career and managing the start-up Svatantra Microfinance, Ananya leads a hectic life and she has the energy to show for it. 

Tania Shroff, daughter of industrialist Jaidev Shroff

Your lazy Sunday < Tania’s lazy Sunday. Always.

We didn’t think the New York skyline could get any better, but when you look at it from over your Alexander McQueen duds... That's a whole new story. 

When you’re the daughter of a millionaire, this is what your winters look like. 

Navya Naveli Nanda, granddaughter of Amitabh Bachchan

Like any other heiress, Navya spends her free time in Paris. Attending debutante balls. Decked in Christian Dior.

With one difference though: She gets her couture gowns bespoke.

Here's something to make you rethink your next Saturday night #squadgoals groupfie.

Godfather Karan Johar regularly graces her Instagram feed. Could she be more destined for Bollywood?

Alanna Panday, niece of Chunky Panday

Is that Chunky Panday's niece or a Calvin Klein model? Beats us.

She's a dab hand at sand art. Or well, at least at posing next to it.

What we love the most about her, though, is that her idea of a relaxing Saturday afternoon involves jetting off to the Philippines. 

Sometimes, she gets her part time man crush / full time hunk to join her too. Because life's unfair like that.

Aalia Furniturewala, daughter of Pooja Bedi

Sure, her choice of night clubs runs towards the uber exclusive, preferably with a stunning rooftop.

Aalia Furniturewala is just another teenager. With uninterrupted access to the New York skyline and a closet of stunning gowns at her fingertips.

And yes, her jammies come personally monogrammed.

Also, she can manage to look like a million bucks in the freezing cold.

Sure, she's nailed the whole winning-the-breakup jazz. (Note to self: invest in an aztec print bikini.)

But she's just another teenager, really. Look at her twirl (in her exquisite couture creation sourced from her exquisite wardrobe.)