6 Indian Influencers On One Fashion Trend That Will Be Huge & One That Will Diminish In 2021

As we inch closer to completing one year of being stuck in a vicious cycle of transcending from one pair of sweatsuits into another, can we just say it’s time to break out?! From recently concluded fashion shows, one thing is clear. It’s the year you turn your abode into a ‘no-judgement zone’ and wear anything to lift your spirits. Yes, go ahead and double up on that day-time sparkle to become a disco ball in your living room. No one’s looking at you twice. Even on Zoom.

With unanticipated collabs and new launches, 2021 has rung in like a breath of fresh air. And while we’re far away from grabbing a front-row seat with our masks on, we took a reroute. Take notes from your favourite influencers on fashion trends that will make it big and one that’ll dissolve this year.

1. Masoom Minawala


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A post shared by Masoom Minawala Mehta (@masoomminawala)

“Maximalism will be huge. More is more—jewellery, colours, layers; there’s never enough. A fashion trend that will exit this year? Corsets. Fashion is about embracing your body where comfort is the most important factor, and corsets definitely don’t fit the bill.”

2. Shereen Sikka


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A post shared by Shereen (@shereenlovebug)

“I feel like we’re going to be looking at fashion trends closer home! I see so many fashionistas on social media, across all ages and genders embracing our beautiful Indian cultural aesthetic and blending it in with denim, bralettes, crop tops and sunglasses. There’s such a sense of freedom in fashion now that there are no more rules on wearing a look a certain way. For starters: saris aren’t just a traditional look for weddings any more. Men and women are giving the sari their own twist to make it much more beautiful and interesting to look at.”

3. Juhi Godambe


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A post shared by Juhi Godambe (@juhigodambe)

“One fashion trend that I see becoming huge this season is elevated loungewear. 2020 has had a huge influence on fashion as well as our choices. We all have learnt how versatile loungewear could be. Another trend I see being a thing is pastel or candy tones in accessories, shoes or even subtle accents in clothes. A trend I see exiting? The chunky shoe! Although I have a few myself, I don’t think this unflattering shoe is making it to 2021. ”

4. Aashna Bhagwani


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“Last year was all about comfortable clothing and loungewear. But this year we will see a lot more colours, variants and styles taking over. Also, I think everyone is pretty obsessed with ‘90s fashion at the moment thanks to Gen Z, Tik Tok trends and Reels. For instance: the ‘90s Prada bag, tie-dye, puff sleeves and bold shoulder jackets. I think this ‘90s trend is definitely something we will see this year.”

5. Kayaan Contractor


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A post shared by Kayaan Shiraz Contractor (@kayaancontractor)

“I see that shoulder pads have made a massive come back, and are definitely here to stay. That would probably be an IN thing according to me. Also, I feel like the trend leaving would probably be matching sweats or the whole ‘WFH look’. Although it is super comfy, I feel that people are now finally ready to clean up nice.”

6. Aashna Shroff


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A post shared by Aashna Shroff (@aashnashroff)

“Bold shoulders are definitely going to get bigger in 2021. I love an outfit that has really exaggerated statement sleeves. Just a basic knit top, jacket or even a T-shirt with statement mutton sleeves looks so cool paired with flared trousers. I really think, or at least hope, that the trend will only get bigger and better this year. As for one trend that should exit 2021 is bucket hats. I think they look really cool on some people, but I just haven’t taken to the trend for some reason. Maybe I haven’t tried them on with the right outfit yet, but this is definitely one fashion trend I can say goodbye to.”

Photographs: Unsplash, Instagram

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