This is the highest-selling sex toy among Indian women Advertisement

This is the highest-selling sex toy among Indian women

Because despite what you may think, women know what they want and aren't afraid to go for it

By Shweta Gandhi  July 25th, 2017

Thanks to conservative laws that still view the act of sex as taboo, Indians are still skirmish about admitting their curiosity. But according to a survey conducted by ThatsPersonal, a sexual wellness products destination, which analysed data from over 80,000 orders, Indian women know exactly what they want, and aren’t afraid to treat themselves.

Out of 38% of orders originating from female customers, intimate massagers were the highest sold sex products, while the most popular roleplay costume was that of a nurse. Majority of the orders placed by women were during the day, between 10am-1pm. Age is no bar here either—16% of the buyers above 45 years were women.

And if you thought that all this raunchy indulgence would be limited to the metropolitan hubs of Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, the joke’s on you. Baroda, Pune and Thiruvananthapuram are clearly not shy to let their fantasies see the light of the day, with the majority of buyers being women. Women from Punjab bought the highest number of products like arousal oils, while Bhopal has a certain fascination with flavoured condoms.

Predictably, the biggest sales month of the year is February, thanks to Valentine’s Day, followed by the traditional wedding season of November to February when the average order value expands exponentially. But nothing beats Navratri season, when sales from Gujarat triple over the monthly average. Move over, Dandiya, there are cooler adult games in town.