Indo-Canadian label Sevin Kasran wants you to embrace your cultural identity, in style

Sevin Kasran is a streetwear brand founded in British Columbia with an ambition to explore its designer duo, Kevin Klover and Sunny Basran’s Candian and Indian identities through clothes. A mutual and almost simultaneous discovery of their love for design and fashion led to Klover and Basran consolidating their childhood friendship and intercultural identities into a brand in 2017. One look at its Instagram feed and you will see the brand’s design language of merging the modern and the traditional splashed all over. “We are trying to break down binaries through fashion, by not boxing our designs as either Indian or Canadian, but rather a joining of both,” shares Klover.

The clothes they make are an ode to their familial roots in India, specifically Punjab. With vivid colour palettes and Indian motifs that are inspired by the principles of non-violence, integrity, and pride, the duo leaves no scope for speculation regarding where their creative inspiration lies. “We want the bright colours that we see within Indian culture and ceremonies to not be reserved for traditional events, but for people to embrace in their everyday lives through fashion,” says Klover. If you think that makes Sevin Kasran clothes traditional and even archaic, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. It isn’t everyday that we see festive colours and prints, translated into easy streetwear that double up as both staples as well as statement pieces.

Kevin Klover and Sunny Basran

Questioning binaries of modern and traditional, the duo brings to the fore designs that may be stemmed in Indian beliefs and principles but are just as global. Lounge pants, bomber jackets, slogan t-shirts and jumpers, and bomber jackets that can be identified from a mile away, Sevin Kasran’s designs speak for the aesthetic signature of the brand loud and clear.


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