#InLoveWithMyBody by RockNShop

Since it’s now unacceptable to tell a woman what she can and cannot wear, sexism has gone underground to emerge in the form of dubious fashion advice. It’s a way of putting you in your place, but in a way that sounds constructive. ‘Horizontal stripes make you look wider’. ‘Are you comfortable in that?’ ‘Get something that covers your belly.’ It takes the fun out of dressing up by defining the limits of what’s ‘flattering’ and what isn’t. The online arm of multi-designer store Kitsch has produced a video that, on the face of it, is about promoting body confidence, but it also does a nice job of reminding us that fashion is supposed to be fun. You can rock a crop top, kick butt in stilettoes or twirl in a sheer skirt, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to do it. Now if they only they had more options above a Size 10.

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