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8 Instagram accounts to follow for your daily horoscope

Know your Mercury retrograde from your Jupiter direct

By Shweta Gandhi  March 13th, 2018

If you’re obsessed with your daily horoscope, you’ll know that the month of March holds out a powerful promise of cleansing your inner self with the energies of the moon, thanks to the two full moons (March 2 and March 31). Add to that the fact that Jupiter is in retrograde now, which means that themes of transformation and healing are in abundance. To help you make the most of these planetary positions, we’ve zeroed in on the best Instagram accounts to follow for your daily horoscope.

Whether it’s interesting sun sign facts or exploring what your zodiac sign has in store for the day ahead, these 9 Instagram accounts dedicated to the daily horoscope will be your go-to inspiration whenever you need some.

1. Know The Zodiac

Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells is an astrologer, a model and an entrepreneur whose deep insights will empower you by helping you understand yourself better.

heads up, skymates: #Jupiter, Planet of Abundance, begins its 4-month #retrograde tonight, in the sign of #Scorpio. #JupiterInScorpio has been highlighting themes of transformation, rebirth, sex, death, healing, and more, on a personal and societal level. That’s why we’ve been seeing people speak out against sexual abuse, gun violence, and countless oppressive regimes. More personally, we’ve addressed toxicity that exists within ourselves and others, and become aware of wounds that have yet to heal. Our personal power has strengthened with this transit, and this retrograde will slow our roll and ask us to preserve it. Take time to check in with yourself and make sure that whatever you’re fighting for is truly what you’re passionate about. Have you left behind a true passion? You can pick it back up with this retrograde. It won’t always be smooth sailing though. Sometimes you’ll be triggered by past events or people resurfacing in your life. “The lesson repeats itself until learned…” Focus on absorbing the lessons the Universe has been sending your way. Don’t run from your pain or your past. Own it fully, and transcend. These next 4 months are about looking within yourself, bettering yourself, and aligning yourself with your true values so that you can continue to expand and evolve in the best way possible . . I’ll be sharing more about this in my free newsletter, so click the link in my bio to sign up . . #astrology #transits #planets #cosmos #astrologer #solarsystem #universe #spirituality #itsasign #esoteric #retrogradeseason #enlightenment #vibes #omen #release #healing #zodiac #zodiacsigns #knowthezodiac

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2. Horoscopes.Astrology

Follow this page for interesting facts about your sun sign and to understand the inherent qualities about other signs.

3. Horoscope Posts

Horoscope Posts describes how each sun sign would react in different situations. 

yep //Taurus

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4. Astro Meme Queen

This page approaches astrology through humour by using informative memes.

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5. Chani Nicholas

Chani posts intuitive messages as well as memes that will aid you in knowing more about your sun sign. 

. M O N D A Y M O T I V A T I O N . I often face massive amounts of anxiety and self-doubt before I publish anything, horoscopes included. I have learned to trust this part of my process. I don’t let it stop me (stall me maybe). I don’t give in to it (at least not for long). Sometimes it helps me to rework something that I may have missed. Sometimes it helps me clarify my own reasons for writing. Sometimes it is just something I have to get through in order to get the work out and get on with the rest of my life. But most times it means that I’m into something good. . My doubt is always greatest when I am near a breakthrough. . Putting yourself out in the world requires an incredible dedication to learning through the experience of doing so. The awkwardness. The shame. The triumph. It is all a part of the process. What I’ve learned is that my connection to that process is far more valuable than even the work itself. . I’m struggling today, but it means something good is on its way. I trust it.

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6. Astrology Soul

This account breaks down all the traits of each sun sign by putting them in funny situations.  

7. Astrology Everyday

Learn more about different sun sign pairings and what makes each sign so unique.

8. Astrology Answers

Your one-stop guide to knowing what your day is going to look like and how to harness its energy to help you in your personal transformation.