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5 beauty trends that are taking Instagram by storm

Breaking the internet... and possibly, your strands

By Trisha Chawla  April 5th, 2017

When it comes to breaking barriers in beauty, Instagram is an endless bounty of inspiration. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the non-conformist online community pops up with another drift on a classic that’s worth double-tapping on. Iridescent highlighters and chrome nails have moved way past their expiry date; this year, we’re talking hair that unveils into a spectrum of colour and make-up that allows for natural freckles like Kylie Jenner on a no-make up day. 

5 Instagram beauty trends to understand

Crown eyeshadow

Channeling your inner princess just got easier with the regal idea that is crown eyeshadow. Make-up artists all over the ‘Gram are creating tiny tiaras on their eyelids and even bedazzling them to prove that beauty comes with no limits. Try creating this one to stack up on those likes. 

Fake freckles

The trademark for unconventional beauty finds its claim to fame with the Instagram community using beauty products to tattoo on fake freckles. The process includes using a brown brow pencil on your nose and cheeks to create random spots and dabbing over them with concealer for an all-natural look.

Neon strobing

If you thought highlighting was a bit over the top, Instagram’s newest trend will leave you blinded. Created by makeup artist, Denny Lopez, neon strobing involves using bright coloured pigments on the high points of your face to create an other-worldly glow.

The key to acing this fad — assuming you're hitting Coachella or a Goa rave party? Invest in an opalescent highlighter and keep the rest of your face matte. 

Hidden rainbow hair

True to its name, this sneaky dyeing technique hides a vivid rainbow beneath a layer of neutrally coloured hair, meaning you can choose when to reveal the rebel within. Choose from deep hues that shine to lighter washed-out versions for subtlety. Since getting behind this trend involves pre-lightening your tresses, we recommend you include a deep conditioner or an overnight mask in your aftercare routine to reduce the havoc it will wreak on your roots. 

Glitter roots

Lapsed salon appointment? The answer to all your problems lies in glitter roots. A boho hairstyle combined with a bit of sparkle and hair pomade on your hairline will create a perfect look for festival season. Multiple shampoo sessions follow.