International brewer Allison Higi is here to brew your blues away Advertisement

International brewer Allison Higi is here to brew your blues away

She marked her India debut with two new brews at Crafters Taphouse in Mumbai

By ELLE team  March 7th, 2020

One of the important aspects of feminism is empowering women to try and take on male-dominated professions. Brewing beer might seem like a male-dominated profession, but Allison Higi has made a name for herself in the American beer industry. And she’s in Mumbai to introduce two new brews with ingredients she has sourced from her hometown in Indiana, USA.

This is a part of an initiative ‘Crafters Movement’ by Crafters Taphouse, where brewers from different parts of the world come to try their signature styles of beer brews in India. Alison Higi is a part of the Pink Boots Society, an international NGO that encourages women to be part of the brewing profession, especially in creating craft beer. She is also one of the few brewers who use scientific techniques to encourage craft breweries around the world to make high quality and distinctive brews. 

Who doesn’t like to try different types of scientifically formulated beers right?

Allison debuted two new brews yesterday which will now be available at Crafters Taphouse in Powai, Mumbai: one with local dry figs available in Maharashtra, and the other with Cantaloupes staple to Indiana.
Her stay in Mumbai included two-hour-long ‘Meet-the-Brewer’ sessions:
22 February 2020 at The Little Easy, Bandra, Mumbai  from 6 pm to 8 pm
28 February 2020 at Mumbai Leaping Windows, Andheri,Mumbai from 7 pm to 9 pm
6t March 2020 at Crafters Taphouse, Mumbai from (Meet the Brewer + Beer Launch) 7 pm to 9 pm