International Dog Day 2020: We rounded up all the celebrity pets we love Advertisement

International Dog Day: These celeb pets will give you all the pawsitivity you need

We woof them a lot

By Gargi Agrawal  August 26th, 2020

Yes, our furry friends have their day too. If the lockdown has been weighing down on you physically, mentally and emotionally, then we’re here to help you recenter yourself. Case in point: good looking people with their cute pets is always a good sight to watch. Am I right?

And mind you, these pets are not your average dogs who look adorable. They come with their own hashtag (file them under #InstaFamous), a popular owner, a lot of pampering and more followers than any of us. Swipe through for our favourite paw-sitive buddies and try not to weep.

International Dog Day
Priyanka Chopra Jonas' pet Diana Chopra has probably attended events and taken flights more than us.
If there's anyone channelling our quarantine mood, it's Ananya Panday's dog.
International Dog Day
Lana Condor's pet is having the time of his life while we tuck ourselves in and take our 5th nap of the day.
Kriti Sanon's dog is setting the cuteness bar real high...
Lilly Collin's pet is all of us since 4 months...
International Dog Day
An accurate representation of us looking at 2020, courtesy Reese Witherspoon's dog.
Whoever said that the perfect picture doesn't exist is wrong.
International Dog Day
And here's Diana Penty's pet waiting for it all to be over..

Photographs: Instagram