7 glorious palace hotels that will make you feel like a princess

Antique furniture, turrets and drawbridges, horse-drawn carriages and acres of gardens. The royals of days gone by had it good, but did they have free Wifi and a flatscreen TV? Probably not. These former castles, palaces and royal abodes boast of the decadence and glory with a touch of modern luxury, and they’re now open to the public (provided your willing to blow a the GDP of a small kingdom on a weekend’s stay)   

You may not get a team of handmaidens following your every move, but you can have a personal butler serve you wine while spa personnel draw you an aromatherapy bath. Isn’t that what being royal is all about? Well… that, and the tiara.

You don’t need to marry a prince to feel like a princess, all you need is to relive the royal days in these hotels seeped in history. 

Palace hotels that will make you feel like a princess:

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