Here’s your first look at the iPhone X

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Apple’s new iPhone X is set to hit stores tomorrow, and because we couldn’t wait any longer, we got an early unit to test out.

 unknown 1 1509469971

Kevin Lu

Our initial thought? This is one insane phone that won’t disappoint (that, is, if you can afford the steep price at Rs 1.2 lakh).

Here’s the drive-by scoop on what you can look forward to:

First, an all screen, super retina display makes it one of the most gorgeous designs since the much-adored glass encased iPhone 4.

Second, it’s got the brains to back the beauty thanks to a new A11 Bionic chip that is just as fast as it sounds (and gives the phone better battery life).

Third, although Face ID sounds creepy, it’s actually really cool and will be just as commonplace as Touch ID in no time (might as well be an early adopter, right?).

Fourth, a newly designed dual 12-megapixel back camera means a major content upgrade for all those IG shots.

And fifth, the TrueDepth camera means awesome AR capabilities like live selfie effects, better lighting, and cool Animojis (because who doesn’t want to see their reactions mimicked on the poop emoji?).

But why tell you about the upgrades coming your way when we can just show you? We handed the phone off to renowned mobile photographer Kevin Lu to show us the world of possibilities, and you’re going to love what he came up with. All we can say is be ready for the next wave of #cafeart #boomerangs #onthetable #wanderlust.

Table Instas can get next-level:

 unknown 3 1509470005

Kevin lu

unknown 5 1509470079

Kevin lu

unknown 6 1509471426

Kevin lu

unknown 9 1509471502

Kevin lu

unknown 8 1509471522

Kevin Lu

The iPhone X is available November 3. Shop

From: ELLE UK 

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