How to make a future in fashion, according to Istituto Marangoni’s head of education

Want to make it big in the world of fashion? Then you have to get your facts right. ELLE got Irina de Payevsky, Head of Education at Istituto Marangoni, Mumbai, to reveal her tricks of the trade that every fashion student must pay heed to.

ELLE: You were a student yourself at Istituto Marangoni before you became the Head of Education. What are some of the changes you’ve incorporated at Istituto Marangoni? 

Irina de Payevsky (IDP): It has been a natural progression. My journey as a student has helped me to visualize situations from a student’s perspective. 

Life at Istituto Marangoni requires a student to possess abundance of passion and I strive to provide the students creative freedom and encourage divergent thinking. I always try to push my students and tutors to be better, day by day motivating and guiding them. I also improve myself daily by taking inspiration from the past but looking at the future.

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Irina de Payevsky

ELLE: What are 5 books you would recommend every fashion student must read?

IDP: 1. Christian Dior: The Biography by Marie-France Pochna
2. Le Moda by Geory Simmel 
3. The Fashion Dictionary by Guido Vergani
4. Yves Saint Laurent by Pierre Berge 

5. 20th Century Of Fashion by Linda Watson 

ELLE: What subjects do you teach?

IDP: I teach Fashion Design under which comes fashion illustration, fashion collection, sketching and visual communication, illustration and trend forecasting. Along with this, I also teach fashion business which helps the student understand the history of fashion and the process of how they much start their own business.

Istituto Marangoni Mumbai Campus 6
Istituto Marangoni

ELLE: 3 tips every fashion student should keep in mind?

IDP: With Istituto Marangoni, you are engaging with fashion professionals from day 1, so make the most of it. Two, the inspiration for fashion design may come from architecture, products, music and other sources that create a feeling in you. Be aware of your surroundings. Three, whatever your dream is, whether it is to open a boutique, have your own label or be a stylist, you need a game plan. While at school, build your own network, focus on the fundamentals and build a portfolio which will help you get your big break.

Istituto Marangoni Mumbai Campus 3
Istituto Marangoni

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