Janhvi Kapoor being mobbed at a shopping mall shows the scary side of stardom Advertisement

Janhvi Kapoor being mobbed at a shopping mall shows the scary side of stardom

That's a steep price to pay for stardom

By Rochelle Pinto  June 22nd, 2018

If you find an adult woman who hasn’t been catcalled, gaped at, or worse, physically assaulted in her life, call the Men In Black because she’s clearly an alien who just landed from another planet. Having complete strangers feel entitled to your body and personal space comes with that extra X chromosome, there’s no escaping it. And as we know, women in the limelight have it much worse. Just ask Janhvi Kapoor, who inspired such a furore with a recent public appearance at a shopping mall that her Dhadak co-star Ishaan Khattar was forced to step in and act like a human Lakshman Rekha.

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As is evident in the video, a mob of men surrounds the two debutants, camera phones held aloft. Even though Janhvi obliges one fan, he continues to follow the pair — trigger finger going 100 kph — despite the fact that the object of his affection is now shielding her face and exhibiting clear signs of discomfort.

Proving chivalry isn’t dead, Ishaan creates a physical barrier between her and the creep, who then proceeds to HANG OFF HIS ARM while still taking selfies in a remarkable display of ambidexterity and perseverance. Congratulations, dude – you just elevated being a creep to an Olympic sport. 

We couldn’t watch the whole video without squirming in our seats.

Every person has the right to privacy and freedom of movement without fear. It’s time we stop treating celebrities like public property that we are entitled to, just because we bought a ticket to watch their movie.  

18 celebrities who are the nicest to their fans 

Deepika Padukone

Cutting through the swathes of admirers that had surrounded her after a party, Deepika approached a shy security guard and insisted on taking a photo with him. Listen closely, and you'll probably be able to hear him blush.

Shah Rukh Khan

You may or may not be able to meet Shah Rukh Khan in person, but if you have trouble getting a girl to go with you to prom, the superstar is only glad to help. When a fan asked him on Twitter, "Sir, please help me ask a girl to go to prom?" he treated him to his famous wit: "If I ask, she won't go with you ha ha." Determined to prove him wrong, the guy cashed in on his five minutes of  fame and got the girl as well. And you thought that happy endings were only reserved for Karan Johar's idyllic movies?

Salman Khan

His impromptu biryani feasts for fans waiting outside his house are legend, but one kid let her emotions loose after watching a Salman Khan movie, and he obliged her with movie role in return. Confused? Let us rewind: Suzy went viral after her mom posted a video of her crying inconsolably after watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The bhaijaan in question arranged for her to meet him and ultimately ended by handing her the role of Anushka Sharma's younger self in Sultan.   

demi lovato

She said yes when a 5-year-old fan proposed mid-show. (Before bursting into tears.) 

lady gaga

This photo's from the main event (an autograph signing in West Hollywood), but was it truly the main event when beforehand, Mother Monster made sure her little ones were taken care of with a $1,000 pizza party.


Say you're at karaoke with your girls. Say you start singing "Party," because why else are you even there? Say BEYONCE AND KELLY ROWLAND are in the next room over and they HEAR YOU and come over. And say that, instead of saying "Stop murdering my song, please," they join you. This is a true story, and I am dead. 

taylor swift

Yeah, your friends got you Agent Provocateur for your bridal shower, but are any of them Taylor Swift? (Who rearranged her schedule last-minute to be with then-bride-to-be with Gena Gabrielle in Columbus, no less.) 

taylor swift again

When Taylor Swift saved Christmas. No word on whether she entered via chimney, but she did give 96-year-old Cyrus "Oldest Swifty" Porter the gift of a lifetime: an acoustic performance Swift gave in his living room.

prince william

When the Duke of Cambridge traveled to the children's Oak Center cancer unit at the Royal Marsden Sutton Hospital, he met 6-year-old firecracker Daisy Wood. She'd been getting into princess movies lately but joked that William might be too old for her to marry.


If you give Rihanna a DM asking for relationship advice...she might just give it to you—and solid advice at that. (Help me, please.)


Just imagine being small and having Britney Spears teach your dance class. This was real life for some tiny dancers at an L.A. studio, when Brit showed up to lead a Madonna-inspired lesson.


No good deed goes unpunished—supposedly. Not so in the case of teen Tristin Budzyn-Barker, who found and returned Chris Hemsworth's lost wallet. He was then invited to appear on Ellen, where Thor gave him all the cash he had in the misplaced billfold—and a recommendation letter, even more valuable—on top of the $10,000 Ellen chipped in to help him pay for college.


Sergeant Scott Moore asked her to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball on YouTube. To everybody's surprise, she said yes, and they had a blast. "She was she is just a normal girl who is very interested to learn about our history and our traditions and what the ball is all about and she was interested in meeting all my friends," Moore said.

Ed Sheeran

Not so keen on the message behind "Shape of You," but super keen on this cute video, in which Ed Sheeran surprised a young, aspiring singer.

adam levine

Try not to cry, cry harder. In 2015, Christopher Warner's special education teacher made a viral video explaining why the 10-year-old was Maroon 5's biggest fan. One thing led to another, and the band invited Warner backstage, where they comforted him when he had a panic attack (as seen in the Twitter photo).


You know this one: Madonna, Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis performed "Same Love" as 33 couples got married onstage at the Grammys. Everybody ugly-cried, and it was still a nice moment.