Istituto Marangoni’s fashion showcase celebrated new designers in the making Advertisement

Istituto Marangoni’s fashion showcase celebrated new designers in the making

The front row featured Rahul Mishra, Soha Ali Khan, and more

By Shree Vrinda  September 24th, 2019

Backstage, the excitement levels were at an all-time high, while the front row was full of anticipation. The stage was set for Istituto Marangoni’s fashion showcase, and its top batch did not disappoint! The Mumbai branch of the Italian design school, gave its students a chance to present their work in front of fashion nobility, by hosting a special fashion show called No Boundaries.

The presentation was an excellent platform for budding designers to showcase their newest creations. The eclectic music, fun cocktails and cheering crowd set the tone to the display. The showcase featured the best designs from the institution’s international designers, Natalia Esteve, Pietro Fadda, Yiju Kim, Mana Jinyang and Wang Di; along with the most promising talents from the Mumbai school, namely, Tanushka Joshi, Khushboo Banthia, Rafat Kazi, Zeba Basha, Suyash Soundalgekar, Shivani Parikh, Niveditha Rajmohan and Antoinette Fernandes.

The students collectively experimented with the construction throughout their displays, featuring everything from bedazzled minis and structured dresses to spunky athleisure. Ranging from trendy neon hues to dark and grungy earthy tones, the creations were not only aesthetically pleasing but also pushed boundaries in terms of design with avant-garde forms, structures and silhouettes.

The stellar display was witnessed by numerous celebrities and designers alike. Key guests included the likes of designer Rahul Mishra and actor Soha Ali Khan.

The Group Managing Director of Istituto Marangoni, Roberto Riccio, said, “We are very proud of all the hard work that these young designers have put into their collections and are happy to see how well they were received. This is also the first time students from our Mumbai school have taken the stage in such a big event and I’m optimistic about the level of talent that will come out from the Mumbai school.”