It’s time to rethink foundation Advertisement

It’s time to rethink foundation

... and Lakmé 9 To 5 Mousse Foundation gives you five reasons

By ELLE team  April 1st, 2016

Foundation has always had a bad reputation in the make-up aisles. Finding a formula that covers the blemishes, matches your skin tone and stays put all day is as tough as nailing the winged eyeliner every single time. But Lakmé’s 9 To 5 Mousse Foundation has made that search just a little bit simpler by finding a solution to our most common foundation complaints.

I always look like I’m wearing too much foundation

Wearing foundation and not feeling like there are a hundred layers of paint on your face is a dream – one that Lakmé helps come true. The 9 to 5 Mousse Foundation blends quickly to give you a smooth finish without the chalkiness.

I feel like foundation is suffocating my skin

This mousse-like texture is so light and weightless you can almost forget you put it on in the morning. This makes reapplying it super easy, even in this summer heat.

It’s so tough to avoid those ugly foundation streaks

You need something that’s easy to blend and stays put all day, like the 9 to 5’s mousse texture. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t budge till your day is over.

Finding a formula that matches my skin type is impossible

It doesn’t matter what your skin type – normal, oily or dry, it’ll still give you the same flawless results every time.

It makes my T-zone so oily by 4pm

Unlike other foundations that can make your face look and feel sticky, this mousse foundation’s matte finish makes sure you get enough coverage while staying shine-free.