Jacqueline Fernandez is urging everyone to make one simple beauty change Advertisement

Jacqueline Fernandez is urging everyone to make one simple beauty change

Do it for the bunnies

By Mamta Mody  June 15th, 2017

Jacqueline Fernandez has teamed up with The Body Shop to lobby for an international ban on animal testing. The beauty brand was the first to kick off this campaign in 1989, and over the two decades their efforts have paid off. In 2003, the European Union banned any beauty product that was tested on animals, and India placed cruelty-free laws in 2013. And now the brand is about to kick it up to propose worldwide laws against these practices. “I’ve always been an animal lover,” Jacqueline told ELLE. “But The Body Shop’s most recent campaign has brought to my attention the severity of the situation. 80 per cent of the world still continues these unethical atrocities against animals and I can’t stand for that.”

Just look at the numbers: According to Cruelty Free International up to 1,400 animals are involved with testing just one ingredient in a product some times. And around 5,00,000 animals are used for cosmetic tests every year. What’s worse is that 80 per cent of the world still has no laws against these inhumane practices (India only banned it in 2013). This is continues even when there are plenty of innovations to conduct safety tests, like computer data analysis and patch tests that are often cheaper. The L’Oréal have invented EpiSkin–a technology to grow human skin in a lab that beauty brands can use to carry on their experiments.

What can you do to stop this? Take a few seconds to add your signature to the petition here and get your friends to sign up as well. Their goal is to collect 8 million signatures globally to get the UN to set up a convention to ban animal testing worldwide for good. Because there’s no reason good enough to kill innocent rabbits.