Jacqueline Fernandes just unboxed the cutest Christmas present Advertisement

Jacqueline Fernandes just unboxed the cutest Christmas present

She's clearly been extremely nice this year

By ELLE team  December 26th, 2017

It’s no secret that Jacqueline Fernandez is a cat lady. She’s obsessed with her cat, Muimui and who could blame her. Just look at that face: 

He’s adorable. 

The cat is a permanent fixture on the actress’s Instagram and in her life. Whether he’s messing around while she’s practicing her yoga:

Or just hanging around when she wakes up in the morning:


It’s clear that Muimui is one of her best friends. So it makes total sense that for Christmas, another good friend of the actress would get her a new little furball to love. Suren Joshi, owner of I Think Fitness, surprised the actress on Christmas morning with the cutest gift ever. 

That little bundle of fur is named Yoda. The newest edition to Jacqueline’s household is seriously tiny. Just look at that tiny face:

Does cuteness have a force? If so, the force is clearly with Yoda. We would watch that movie series. Muimiu schooling young Yoda in the ways of cuteness. Yoda as a tiny kitten Padawan that turns you into a completely useless mush ball with his gentle purrs. 

We need more images of this tiny kitten, Jacqueline. We want to see it next to large objects so we can gauge how small it is. We want to see Yoda dressed in tiny people’s clothes, preferably festival/season appropriate. We want to see Muimiu get territorial, but then befriend the tiny brown bundle. We’re already hooked.