Jacqueline Fernandez’ 5 secrets to staying fit

Sticking to a healthy diet and a disciplined exercise routine is a serious struggle and we’ll take any inspiration we can get to stay on track. If you need a serious push towards the gym too look no further than Jacqueline Fernandez’ Insta-feed. From pictures of her healthy avocado-toast breakfast to videos of crazy Pilates moves, the actor will motivate you to stay on top of your game. Just like in Puma’s latest campaign ‘Do You’, where she talks about challenging yourself and confronting doubts. She says, “‘Do You’ means determination and conviction to achieve your dreams no matter the obstacles.” She extends this mantra to her fitness regimen too….

Start the day with a power breakfast
“It’s either quinoa porridge with soy milk or rye bread toast with peanut butter or honey and eggs.”

Never skip a workout
“As much as I can, I try to take time out for my fitness routine even if it’s just an hour. [After a later night] a good workout makes me feel fresh. It gets tougher to take time out during a busy schedule but I always carry my own food – there’s nothing like being committed to eating right.”

Keep changing it up
“I balance out [my regimen] with various forms of exercises, which includes Pilates, glutes training, dancing, yoga and hot yoga.”

It’s all about being disciplined….
“Over the years I’ve learnt that you should know your body and it’s strengths and weaknesses. Be disciplined and stay focused on your goals, the rest will eventually follows through.”

 …and a great playlist!

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