Jacqueline Fernandez shows us the right way to wear bootcut jeans Advertisement

Jacqueline Fernandez shows us the right way to wear bootcut jeans

But also, those velvet platform heels are to die for

By ELLE team  November 29th, 2017

Unlike the problematic skinny jeans that squeeze your every problem area into suffocated submission, the one pair of jeans that suits almost every body type is the classic bootcut. Like Jacqueline Fernandez proves, it can add much-needed height to a shorter frame (the diminutive actress is just 5’5″). Bootcut jeans can also balance out a heavier bottom or add the illusion of curves to an athletic frame. But where most of us go wrong in wearing a bootcut is the exact length of the pant leg.

Take a cue from Jacqueline and ensure that you’re buying a pair of jeans which extends well past your ankles, so that when you wear them with heels (this is something of a non-negotiable styling tip), just a tiny bit of the toe and the heel is revealed. This is how the star manages to cheat those extra inches and make her legs look miles long.

jacqueline fernandez platform peeptoes

Jacqueline’s hot pink peep-toe platforms deserve their own red carpet tour

Though we have to say we wouldn’t mind getting more than just a sneak peek of those gorgeous hot pink velvet peep-toe heels. Let’s hope Jacqueline decided to take these babies down the leather miniskirt and T-shirt route soon enough…   

Cult designer shoes you need to acquaint yourself with

Tribute Sandal by Saint Laurent

Whether it comes as a flat, a stiletto or a wedge, the intertwining straps of the Tribute sandal shoe from Saint Laurent are a brand signature, much loved by both Kareena and Karisma Kapoor. The iconic sandal debuted in 2004 under then-creative director Stefano Pilati. While many companies have tried to copy or reinterpret this design, the interlocked strap will always belong to YSL's Tribute Sandal. 

Rockstud Pumps, Valentino

These are to Valentino what the Tribute is to YSL. If you see the rockstud caged ankle strap, or those little pyramid-shaped studs on elegantly crafted leather footwear, it is safe to assume the shoe belongs to Valentino. If not their pointed toe pump, the rockstud range also features open toe gladiator heels and flats. 

Tabi boots by Maison Margiela

They could almost be mistaken for any other boot, if it was not for the subtle separation Maison Margiela puts between the toes. It's toe cleavage with full toe coverage... if only T-shirts could nail this. Maison Margiela makes the boots over-sized, knee length, in metallics, with a block heel and with a drawstring, but once you see the toe separation, there's no mistaking that Margiela is the genius house they originate from.

The red sole by Christian Louboutin

It doesn't matter whether you're looking at a woman's stiletto or a man's velvet smoking slipper — if it has a red sole, you know where it came from. "The shiny red colour of the soles has no function other than to identify to the public that they are mine. I selected the colour because it is engaging, flirtatious, memorable, and the colour of passion," Louboutin has said of his signature red soles.

The square buckled ballerina by Roger Vivier

The designer who claims to have invented the stiletto is better known for the massive decorative buckle that sits on the toe of his shoes. The key to spotting a pair of Roger Vivier pumps is the shape of the signature buckle — a horizontally-placed rectangular buckle over of a slightly tapered square toe. And while the way the buckle is presented may vary in terms of material or adornment, the shape is never altered.

Manolo Blahnik, Hangisi

You may recognise the pumps from Sex And The City 2, but did you know they were Manolo Blahnik's Hangisi before Carrie Bradshaw gushed about them? Sure, they may look an awful lot like Roger Vivier's buckle but the Monolo Blahnik buckle is always bejewelled, and has a different shape. The satin shoe with an almond-shaped toe, the Hangisi is finished off with the designer's globally-recognisable Swarovski crystal embellished buckle detailing.