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How Jacqueline got 9 million followers on Instagram

Bonus, the one Snapchat mistake she regrets

By Mamta Mody  November 21st, 2016

Always sunny, always goofy, brimming with motivational quotes and us-fies of members of her entourage (she even sends personalised gifts to her fans for Christmas), Jacqueline Fernandez is what people on the interwebz now term a social nurturer — a person who exists online solely to give us the warm fuzzies. 

“It would become very annoying if it’s all about me. I hate the idea of taking a picture alone — it’s not my brand. I’ll always take a selfie with a group of people because that’s a memory,” says Jacqueline.

This is a fairly recent development, actually. If you watch her YouTube interviews from three years ago, you’ll find she reiterates constantly how fussy she is about her privacy. So what changed between then and the Insta video of her dancing on her bed in pyjamas?

“From what I read on the internet and what others told me, I gathered that people had a really weird perception of me,” she says. “They had no idea who I was. The minute I got on to social media and started sharing, I found a lot more connectivity with my fans. It’s amazing to show others who you really are. I’m a dork, I’m clumsy. Sometimes people forget that an actor is a real person.”

So where to next? She’ll figure as she goes along, she says, the way she always has. For now, she’s just relieved that she’s not as unpopular on Snapchat as she thought; she had the privacy setting on by mistake. Can we get an amen for all the times that’s happened to you as well?