How movie stars wear insanely high heels on the red carpet without dying of pain

If your Friday night out’s worst enemy is your fetish for high heels, we feel you, sister. Is the toe pinching worth the elongated legs? Yes. Those extra inches are always welcome. 

 “I can’t feel my toes”

“It’s called fashion, suck it up”

Yes, we’re all in an abusive relationship with our high heels. And no one is dealing with the abuse better than Jacqueline Fernandez.

Jacqueline slippers Maybach elle

We bet she has a few handsome pairs worth suffering for, but she is human too. And we imagine jumping from event to appearance can’t be easy on your feet. Rumour has it Sofia Vergara hasn’t felt her toes since she was 16 years old (still worth it).

So, Jacqueline minimizes her suffering by pulling the classic switch. The actress clearly leaves a pair of flip flops in the car, switches them out for her photo-op and then goes back to ground level. It’s so simple, it’s genius. We bet it’s great for those long nights of dancing too. Because once the lewk is up on Instagram, it happened.

Jacqueline Fernandez slippers elle

Of course, you could forgo the high heels altogether. But where’s the illusion that you’ve been following a rigorous squat routine in that? Exactly.  

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