5 things you didn’t know about November ’17 cover star Jacqueline Fernandez

When Jacqueline Fernandez isn’t being Bollywood’s sweetheart, setting up restaurants or campaigning for animal rights, she’s reading George Orwell, preparing for her retirement in the Mediterranean, planning a date with Deadpool, and dreaming of waking up as Kate Middleton. The effervescent actor and true-blue ’90s kid is unsurprisingly also a slam book star. We got her to answer 50 questions in a rapid-fire round. Excerpts below:

#1 ELLE: What’s a fashion trend you wouldn’t be caught dead in?

Jacqueline Fernandez: Definitely Crocs. I would not wear Crocs.

#2 ELLE: You love baking. When was the last time you did it and what did you bake?

JF: I last baked banana walnut muffins for Easter with my mum. They are super-healthy and totally free of dairy, wheat and sugar. I don’t actually cook a lot, but I love baking, especially my own bread!

#3 ELLE: Which superhero would you date?

JF: Ironman! Wait, hold on, who is the other funny guy? Yeah, Deadpool! I would date Deadpool.

#4 ELLE: Who is your favourite Disney princess?

JF: Ariel and Jasmine — I can’t just pick one! The former because she was a mermaid with beautiful orange-red hair. Jasmine because she was a very strong character, not to mention, I played Jasmine in my debut film, Aladin (2009).

#5 ELLE: What do you miss most about home?

JF: Waking up and drinking my mum’s coffee.

Excerpted from Elle’s November cover story. To read the full story, subscribe to the print edition here or download the digital edition here.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s stunning photo shoot from ELLE’s November issue:

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