Jacqueline Fernandez's sexy new workout is perfect for toning the whole body Advertisement

Jacqueline Fernandez’s sexy new workout is perfect for toning the whole body

Working out has never looked this good

By Hasina Khatib  July 14th, 2017

From knocking back wheatgrass shots to turning investor in Raw Pressery, there’s little that Jacqueline Fernandez does that flies under the radar. So of course, when we chanced upon a late night video of her pulling off some slick pole dance moves, we were intrigued.

In case you were wondering, those abs do take maintenance, and if you aren’t big on the idea of sweating buckets while working out, you are in good company: Jacqueline found herself learning some pole dancing on the fly for her upcoming release, A Gentleman, and has made it a permanent fixture in her workout regimen ever since.

The credit for those 1.7 million views lies largely with her mentor, Roksolana Chubenko, an international pole dancing instructor who has taught at studios across Milan, Dubai and Ukraine. So how did she get Jacqueline up to scratch for the movie schedule in a matter of weeks? “We were working on a tight deadline to have her ready for the performance without any previous background in the art. Fortunately, Jackie is in excellent shape and has great dancing skills,” explains Roksolona.

The actress attended two hour-long sessions every single day of the week to pick up the dance form. “We started from very basic pole conditioning exercises to build necessary body mobility and so her skin could get used to the strange sensation. Surprisingly for me, Jacqueline caught up very fast and after eight weeks, we had crushed all our goals. She could even pull off some complicated moves, like the Allegra and the extended butterfly,” she raves.

Your basic guide to pole dancing 

Once you’re on the pole, it isn’t as much about the sexy aspect as it is about the physicality of the dance form. “When I say I'm a pole dance instructor, most people smile and let themselves get carried away with their imagination. In reality, the use of pole for sports and exercise can be traced back at least eight hundred years to the traditional Indian sport of mallakhamb,” she explains.

The 28-year-old rues that the biggest misconception holding people back is the worry that they aren’t in the right shape to take up the dance form. “Your physicality and fitness background doesn't play much importance. Anyone can take up this sport and excel at it. The only constant you require is dedication,” she says.

That being said, it is a workout at the end of the day and you need to be prepared for the exertion it can cause. “You need to be ready for the muscle sores on the first few days and to work hard, otherwise there won't be any results,” Roksolana warns.

The one rookie mistake you shouldn’t be making on the day of the class? Do not, we repeat, do not apply lotion or cream on your body. The oil in these substances makes you sweat extra, which then transfers to the pole making it impossible to get a good grip.

Your normal gym clothes wouldn't be amiss, but Roksolana advises wearing, "Shorts and a top as it provides optimal skin connection with the pole, instantly improving the grip."

Unfortunately for Jacqueline and Roksolana, they couldn’t fit in all that they had learned into the required movie sequence for A Gentleman. “Jacqueline has really taken to the dance form and is still training with me thrice a week for one-hour sessions. We have some exciting plans for pole dancing in India, but I’ll keep those to myself for now,” she smiles.