Check out Jacqueline Fernandez’s boudoir spin on the traditional sari

Jacqueline Fernandez is on a roll. After demonstrating the perfect way to wear bootcut jeans — to make you look taller and shapelier — the actress just stepped out for a red carpet event at the Bombay Art Society dressed in this wispy, boudoir-inspired sari from Shehlaa by Shehla Khan. The corset choli shows off Jacqueline’s toned abs (here’s your guide to scoring lehenga-worthy abs) while the soft translucent fabric of the sari draped around the star’s svelte figure lends her an otherworldly quality.

Jacqueline Fernandez mermaid sari

Jacqueline Fernandez looks like a mermaid in this Shehlaa by Shehlaa Khan story   

The only niggling detail we would have done away with are those translucent sleeves, but Jacqueline looks so pleased with herself it’s hardly worth the quibble. Diamond earrings and a fabric choker complete this romantic look. 

How would you have styled this? Tell us in the comments below. 

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