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1 food item that Jacqueline Fernandez will never touch

...even when she skips a meal

By Hasina Khatib  April 17th, 2017

The thing with Jacqueline Fernandez is that, what you see is exactly what you get. The goofy, girl-next-door we’ve always seen on Instagram sits down for a quick bite with me on a Saturday afternoon, nonchalantly brushing cupcake crumbs off her designer clothes. But underneath that matte manicure is a discerning business woman, one who has just turned investor in Raw Pressery.

Jacqueline’s trajectory from a vocal advocate of the label’s cold-pressed juices on Instagram to a stakeholder has been quite organic, insists founder Anuj Rakyan. “When I first met her, she gushed to me about what an integral part the clean juices play in her daily diet, whether she’s on set or skipping a meal. As a person, she always shares what she believes in with the world,” he explains. 

We got Jacqueline to comb through the finer details of her diet, the same one that keeps her in such fabulous shape. 

ELLE: Your favourite superfoods are…

JF: Activated charcoal is topping my list right now. Berries, coconut water and ginger are crucial too. 

ELLE: Two things you’d never allow in your diet

JF: Sugar. And that pizza that is just staring at me from across the table! 

ELLE: What does your cheat meal look like?

JF: It’s still kind of healthy, I’m afraid. It’d probably be sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free chocolate cake. [laughs] I was serving that to some guests at home once, and they were like, “What the hell is it? Does it have anything remaining in it?”

ELLE: What’s the one fitness trend you’re loving right now?

JF: That’d have to be pole dancing.

ELLE: My fitness trainer doesn’t know that I…

JF: “I didn’t really have a shoot that day…”

ELLE: One piece of advice you wish you could have given your 18-year-old self…

JF: Never skip a workout.