JADE by Monica and Karishma celebrate a decade in Indian fashion Advertisement

JADE by Monica and Karishma celebrate a decade in Indian fashion

When old world charm meets modern sensibilities

By Shweta Gandhi  July 18th, 2018

When on a journey, it’s always good to pause every once in a while to reflect on how far you’ve come. And that’s exactly what the creative geniuses behind JADE by Monica and Karishma did for their 10th anniversary of JADE — travel to the meditative sanctums of the Himalayas to revisit their decade-long journey and document one iconic look from every successful year. 

“Ladakh, for us, represents a pinnacle — the still point where the dance is. As it is for anyone undertaking this journey, it’s a moment of soul-searching. Our travel to a land that represents nature in its most raw, rugged, unfiltered form is a larger metaphor for this journey inwards into the decade that’s been,” says Monica Shah.

Jade 8.1
A gown from one of the 10 collections shot in Ladakh

“In the lap of this landscape, we revisited our decade-long sojourn that has spanned from the surreal to the spiritual,” adds Karishma Swali.

Jade 8.2
A lehenga and choli set from one of the 10 collections shot in Ladakh

Every collection in the last ten years has found its roots in India’s rich culture and heritage. While one collection is inspired by tribes of India, another is a tribute to the sacred temples of South India. “We have seven wonders in the world, but I feel India is a wonder of its own. We have so much art to showcase,” believes Monica, whose travels and wanderings along with Karishma have served as a tool for her creative expression, often translating onto elegant lehenga cholis that have a tale to tell of their own.

Jade Archive4
From the archival showcase

“The idea behind JADE is to take inspiration from art and make it relevant for today using techniques (like 3D zardosi embroidery work and intricate French knots) so that you can wear a piece of heritage or tradition,” says Monica. What better gift to pass down to your daughter?

In the end, it’s three pillars that Monica and Karishma rely the most on — the skilled artisans behind the supreme craftsmanship, the modern-day women who make the designs come alive, and the unending inspiration of India.

Monica Shah and Karishma Swali of JADE2
Designers Monica and Karishma of JADE