Janhvi Kapoor’s morning beauty ritual will boost your health and immune system

Janhvi Kapoor didn’t just get her sharp sartorial sense from her late superstar mum, Sridevi. She also inherited her beauty, grace and head-turning ways. In a tête-à-tête, the Dhadak star gets candid about her life away from the silver screen — right from her morning beauty ritual to how the Kapoor sisters debate over fashion, this is Janhvi Kapoor, unfiltered.

ELLE: What’s your morning beauty ritual?

Janhvi Kapoor (JK): “Of late, I’ve started having a glass of lassi with full malai, every morning. It makes me feel happy from within, which I think helps.”

ELLE: Your go-to beauty look?

JK: “It’s very simple. I just apply a lip balm, and loads of sunscreen.”

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ELLE: Your mum Sridevi was a huge style icon. Did she give you any grooming tips?

JK: “She was a perfectionist when it came to everything and I learnt a lot from watching her… Right from how she would get ready to the way she would carry herself.”

ELLE: Sridevi’s style was quite classic and chic. Do your sartorial sensibilities resonate with hers? 

JK: “My personal style is comfortable. It also changes with my mood — it depends on where I am, what I’m doing and whom I’m meeting. Mostly you’ll find me in gym clothes. Lately, I’ve been wearing a lot of salwar kameezes. On other days, it’ll be a pair of ripped jeans, a crop top or a hoodie — that’s currently my go-to look.” 

ELLE: You and Khushi share a style that’s pretty similar. Do you borrow from each other’s wardrobes?

JK: “We borrow from each other’s wardrobes a lot — she borrows a lot from mine, actually. But I don’t think our styles are very similar. Our body types are very different — she’s taller and slender, and that makes all the difference.”

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ELLE: Do you fight over fashion at home?

JK: “We used to, but now we’ve struck a balance. We have an agreement that we can share everything, so it’s one giant closet. But if we get something new, we have to wear it before it gets shared.”

ELLE: And have you bought anything new lately?

JK: “I bought salwaar kameezes from Good Earth. Oh, and I went to Dilli Haat and bought three saris for my Kathak teachers and my Hindi teacher.”

ELLE: Your taste in fashion seems very ethnic.

JK: “Yeah, I’m having a phase. I think I still have the Dhadak hangover.”

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ELLE: Apart from Kathak, what’s your fitness regimen like?

JK: “So I’ve just started doing Kathak, but I’m obsessive about going to the gym. I feel good when I work out. It’s mostly functional training and a lot of weights — the aim for me is to gain muscle.”

ELLE: 1 bedtime beauty ritual that’s responsible for your glowing skin?

JK: “I always make sure I moisturise before I sleep.”

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