Janhvi Kapoor cooked and Khushi Kapoor had the most sibling reaction to it

It’s quarantine day 2376 and as usual, scrolling through our Instagram still remains normal. Our feed is suddenly filled with pictures of Bollywood celebs spending their time baking, cooking, reading and even gardening (and let’s not forget those TikTok challenges). But something caught our eye and instantly made us love our partners-in-crime even more.

Case in point: Just like all Bollywood stars, Janhvi Kapoor is spending her quarantine time indoors with her sibling, Khushi.  And while at it, she decided to conduct a taste test for her carrot cake. While the judge (Khushi) did the honours, Janhvi documented the reaction. Here’s what went down.

And here’s another rejection….


It’s true. Sisters will be sisters.

On that note, swipe through for 8 reasons why your sister is actually your best friend.


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