EXCLUSIVE: We get Janhvi Kapoor to review the new Apple iPhone XR Advertisement

EXCLUSIVE: We get Janhvi Kapoor to review the new Apple iPhone XR

Plus, what her Memoji looks like

By Janhvi Kapoor  October 25th, 2018

So for someone who isn’t really as tech savvy as you would imagine a quintessential “millennial” to be, I found myself unusually fascinated and excited by this Coral piece of genius. Here are 6 reasons why I have fallen unabashedly, crazily and irrevocably in love with my iPhone XR (cue love struck Memoji).
1) Straight out of the box, the splash of colour strikes you. Most coloured phones tend to look plasticky but this one’s all glass (and class) back to front to back. Honestly, it looks like a piece of candy, which is deceiving because what this piece of candy can do is basically “magic.”
Janhvi Kapoor for elle x iphone 1
Shanaya Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor – Shot on iPhone XR
2) There are other fun colours, too. Yellow, blue, white and red (besides the classic space grey). Is it an Apple store or a candy store? Also — and I might get into trouble for saying this — I dropped my new iPhone XR only five hours into getting it, and it was quite a violent situation. But she survived! With no cover! It has sturdier glass protection surrounding it. Thank God.
3) It’s more than just eye candy. The advanced AI face-recognition Face ID unlocks the iPhone — even in pitch dark when I reach for it to check the time. And the glare adjusts to the ambient light so it doesn’t hurt the eyes. 
Janhvi Kapoor for elle x iphone 4
Shot on iPhone XR
4) The iPhone XR seems smaller than my iPhone 8 Plus, but the screen is bigger, making the visual experience of this phone that much cooler. 
5) I can go on and on about the camera. But a picture is worth a thousand words. You can adjust the depth. That’s an awful lot of tech for a mere selfie, no? You’d think with the insane levels of clarity it might pick up on pores or blemishes, but even with that it catches light in a way that’s so aesthetic. You know that feeling all of us have had when we look in the mirror feeling all pretty and then click a selfie and question life? Let’s just say I had the opposite experience with my iPhone XR camera.
Janhvi Kapoor for elle x iphone 2
Khushi Kapoor – Shot on iPhone XR
6) If you can’t have enough of emoji, wait till you see Memoji. Chats will never be the same again. I call my mini me, Juju. And I made her wear jhumkas like me too. I didn’t add my sideburns on to her though, there’s no need to be that accurate. Right?
Janhvi Kapoor for elle x iphone 5
Shot on iPhone XR
All in all, I love my iPhone XR. What’s not to love?