Celebrity make-up artist Vardan Nayak reveals the easy-to-copy Janhvi Kapoor skincare regimen

Janhvi Kapoor’s been busy. In the past few weeks, the debutante has been travelling from city to city, promoting her upcoming film Dhadak. Amidst multiple flights that keeps one in a perpetual state of jet-lag, the tried-and-tested Janhvi Kapoor skincare regimen manages to keep her looking effortlessly fresh around the clock. While one of her secrets is to keep herself constantly hydrated (have you seen the furore her glittery pink bottle has created?), celebrity make-up artist Vardan Nayak reveals it’s more than that. From smartly chosen lip colours to applying the right amount of moisturiser, Vardan gives us the lowdown on Janhvi’s make-up routine and skincare regimen.

How to get Janhvi’s dewy make-up look:

“For Janhvi’s look in Dhadak, we kept it simple — an eyeliner, kohl and plain lipsticks with an earthy tone. During the film’s promotions, we gave her a glassy look: for her eyes, we used metallic pencils, skin-coloured liner for the waterline, lots of mascara, and peachy and earthy eye shadows. We sometimes avoided kohl since it didn’t fit in with her Indo-western look,” says Vardan.

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“Janhvi has great skin, so we applied very little foundation — something that’s exactly her skin-tone — to make sure it looks even. Using moisturiser helped give us that glow on her face. Meanwhile, a lot of powder blush in peach, pink and brick tones completed her look. For her lips, we went with nude colours; nothing too dark or deep, since that makes one look older,” says Vardan. He even experimented with coloured contact lenses and clean make-up to allow her eyes to pop. 

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For off-duty days, Janhvi usually prefers to avoid looking heavily made up. “I’ve recommended she use a lot of moisturiser, keep her skin bare, apply a transparent lip tint, with the only emphasis on her eyes through heavy mascara,” says Vardan, adding that one of the tricks he’s taught Janhvi is to correctly curl her lashes using an eyelash curler. “Janhvi’s very easy to work with; she lets me experiment. One trend I can’t wait to try on her is metallics — on her eyes, and on her lips,” he says.

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 Janhvi’s skincare regimen:

“Janhvi keeps her beauty regimen natural. She uses oils like almond oil and also uses vitamin C serums — her favourite — on her face. She also applies a lot of moisturiser which gives her a fresh look. For her body, she uses a water-based moisturiser to keep her skin hydrated. I always tell her to sleep on time, and avoid stressing, as these are some pivotal factors to ensuring a healthy, radiant glow on your face,” says Vardan, insisting that Janhvi ensures she removes all traces of make-up before she goes to sleep.

And to battle the obvious effects of jet-lag, she uses a concealer on her under-eye area.  

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