Jean-Claude Biguine introduces Thalgo Eye Bar

Lack of sleep left you raccoon-eyed? Sometimes it seems that there’s no winning against dark circles – you sleep too little and they’re back, sleep too much and you’re left puffy eyed. 

That’s where a trip to the Thalgo Eye Bar at Jean-Claude Biguine helps. Step in for an assessment, and they’ll talk you through various treatments. Anything from pumping collagen to fill expression lines, small doses of hyaluronic acid to cure pronounced wrinkles or silicium to regain firmness.  

Here’s what it takes to reclaim your peepers in 25 minutes:

1. First up, the face is cleansed to remove any dirt or make-up, so that it’s more receptive to the treatment.
2. This is followed by exfoliation around the eye area and face with a resurfacing cream. It also soothes and brightens the skin.
3. Next, Dermastim’ Eye massage is carried out. It’s a smoothening massage technique that boosts the production of your natural collagen.
4. Lastly, you’re given a patch mask that moisturises, promptly fills wrinkles, reduces puffiness and dark circles. You’ll find yourself wearing the Thalgo Electronic Massage Mask to accelerate the process. It massages the eye area using air pressure and stimulates the acupuncture points. 

After all that, you’re pretty much set to take on anything.

Priced at Rs 1,500 available at Jean-Claude Biguine

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