Zazi Vintage founder, Jeanne De Kroon on finding her true purpose in Jodhpur Advertisement

Zazi Vintage founder, Jeanne De Kroon on finding her true purpose in Jodhpur

The place which brought her back to life

By Neville Bhandara  April 26th, 2019

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JEANNE DE KROON, founder of Zazi Vintage, with Madhu Vaishnav and her team

There are certain places in the world where it feels like the universe has already planned it all out for you; she leaves little signs in unknown places, and presents you with situations that make you step out of your comfort zone and compel you to grow. For me, this is India and what she represents. My moment came in Jodhpur three years ago, during a spell of chaos in my life: I had been on the road for many months; I had a broken heart, no direction, and no financial stability.

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When I first arrived in the blue city and met Madhu Vaishnav, I had no idea that my life would soon change dramatically. But sometimes, even a chance encounter can alter your life forever, and it was in her eyes that I found my transformation. Purpose is a gift that life gives you when your heart is open and if you are willing to let go of the idea of security. For the past three years, Madhu and I have been working together at Saheli Women on women’s empowerment, sustainable development and ethical fashion.

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Dried peppers hanging from a woven ikat roof in Jodhpur

I had searched for answers for years, meditating in monasteries, seeking help from the babas on the ghats and the gurus in the mountains. But I finally found what I had been looking for in the simplest of places: in the sparkling eyes of a stranger.

Photographs: Shutterstock (Jodhpur), Stefan Dotter