3 fine jewellery labels perfect for your everyday wardrobe

the line necklaces

The Line

Natasha Khurana’s interest in the concept of prêt fine jewellery made her quit her journalism career to start The Line in 2015. Minimal, modern and unpretentious, the pieces crafted entirely out of 18K gold with rubies, pearls, sapphires and diamonds, are chic, versatile and all-ages-appropriate. Khurana wanted a name that didn’t sound too traditional and feminine, so she ultimately settled on The Line. She designs for herself, her friends, and the women she admires, all of whom she counts as her muses.

ELLE loves: That her pieces are perfect to ace the layered jewellery trend this season. 

Sapna Kumar Fine Jewellery

Sapna Kumar fine jewellery

Supermodel Sapna Kumar dabbled in various professions (including being a restaurateur) before starting her own jewellery line in 2016. The shifting trend of people focusing on design and not just the weight of jewellery piqued her interest. Kumar believes in marrying the idea of traditional craftsmanship with the use of non-traditional gemstones such as tourmaline, tanzanite and onyx—and her pieces can easily be described as versatile with a touch of cool.

ELLE loves: Her delicate take on floral baubles 

R – Riddhima Kapoor Sahni Jewellery

Riddhima Sahni jewellery

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni’s new line, which she began last year, focuses on simplicity and everyday wearability. Made up of delicate charm bracelets, pendants and cuffs adorned with geometrical motifs and typography, the line is an extension of her long association with one of India’s oldest jewellery brands, Punjab Jewellers, where she learnt the craftsmanship and business aspects of jewellery.

ELLE loves: Her signature evil eye bracelets and pendants that have become a hit with the Bollywood brigade. 

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