Jimmy Choo x Jimmy Choo

This is basically a collaboration between Jimmy Choo and Jimmy Choo. Unclear? We’re referring to the Instagram sensation Jimmy Choo, an English bull terrier, whose dad happens to be Rafael Mantesso – the Brazilian artist responsible for all the cool line drawings you see.

Here’s how it played out: “All of a sudden, I had friends from all over the world forwarding me links to Rafael’s enchanting work featuring his loveable English bull terrier, Jimmy Choo. I was instantly charmed by the way he animated his captivating dog into his artwork. I had never seen anything like it! His work is so playful, clever and witty, and we struck up an immediate friendship online. I just knew that I had to incorporate his work into a collection,” says Sandra Choi, Creative Director of Jimmy Choo.

The Pre-Fall ’15 collection, called Choo Hound, features tote bags, pouches, purses and iPhone cases – and dog collars, of course. All products feature exclusive sketches by Mantesso against his Jimmy Choo – Jimmy Choo dreaming of shoes, Jimmy Choo lounging on a sofa (a martini by his side!) and Jimmy Choo playing DJ with a turntable. Adorable!

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