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How to dress for a Justin Bieber concert

...and live to tell the tale

By Hasina Khatib  May 11th, 2017

The concept of live concerts may have been designed with music in mind, but any street style star worth her Chanel sling will have you know that a packed concert is no time to lose hold on your street cred. Factor in the hysteria that follows pop icon Justin Bieber, and you know that just a slogan tee won’t cut it.

Not that you’d need to remind Alia Bhatt, Jacqueline Fernandez and the rest of Bollywood’s stylish gang. Leather skirts and statement sunnies in place, they took in the tween-sensation-turned-demanding-popstar’s Purpose World Tour at Mumbai last night. And if you didn’t have any iPhones to sell to be able to afford the steep tickets, allow us to help you with the most important takeaway from the night: How to dress for a concert without dying in the sweltering heat 101.

Alia Bhatt, Jacqueline Fernandez and more nail concert dressing

Jacqueline Fernandez

Day-to-night concert schedule? Jacqueline has got this. Ruffled top and choker to score some easy chic during the day; all-sheer black top and drawstring shorts to gel in with the grunge crowd at night. And a pair of skyscraper heels to cut across the crowd and actually get a glimpse of the stage itself. 

Khushi Kapoor

A hectic concert day in the sun is no time to go easy on the name-dropping. Khushi Kapoor clearly agrees in a knotted Balmain tee. 

Pooja Hegde

A leather skirt in Mumbai’s sweltering heat while being packed into a stadium with 40,000 other revellers? You’re already a braver person than we are, Pooja.

Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika worked out a nice compromise between the zillion degree temperature and her street cred by opting for a high-low dress. Best of both worlds, yes?

Alia Bhatt

Tone-on-tone ensemble for the snaps, blingy kicks to ensure that your toes don’t die an untimely death in the crowds.  And the best reflectors that money can buy.