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4 tips to keep in mind while wearing jewellery

Get your bling on

By K Jewels  July 27th, 2020

No matter what elements you add to your outfit, it is somehow incomplete without some bling. You may like to go the extra mile with a gem-studded necklace. Or perhaps, you have a penchant for something in gold, sleek and minimal. Wearing jewellery is an art and it brings our look together. With the festive season around the corner and celebrations taking form of virtual parties, it’s time to sport our best outfits. And when it comes to adding some jewellery, style expert Kusum Jain, Owner and Designer at K Jewels has got your back. Crafting art pieces in the form of jewellery, her designs are known for being intricate.

Here are her top tips for wearing jewellery this season:

Keep it to one statement piece

Focusing on one statement piece is a good way to not allow your pieces to overpower your wardrobe. Make sure that the piece is big enough to grab attention, just like statement rings by K Jewels or jadau kangans which look powerful.

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Consider your body type

While accessorising, make sure you consider your body type and wear jewellery accordingly. For instance, if you are very lean, avoid wearing heavy kadas as they will make your wrist look thinner. Instead, invest in a pearl statement neckpiece and let the colour and design do the talking. Also, gold and pearl designs suit lighter skin, while rose gold and subtle tones will enhance the beauty of darker skin tones.


If a necklace is your choice of statement jewellery, once again, style it depending on your body type. You can opt for a longer necklace to elongate your torso and steer away from necklaces like chokers if you have a short neck.

Accessorise for the occasion

For traditional affairs such as a wedding, jadau jewellery or traditional designs look the best. But for cocktails, you can always play with modern silhouettes, precious stones and gems. For instance, if you are wearing a velvet cocktail gown, give it a royal touch with pearl jewellery. While wearing a kanjeevaram saree, opt for traditional gold jewellery. Try to mix and match, play with jadau, which can either complement or create contrast to your saree or lehenga.

Set your rules

The first rule of defining your personal style is to never copy anyone. Always define your own rule. If you think that over-accessorising is your thing, go for it, but only when you have the confidence to do so. Also, if you think minimalism is your call, adopt it. Remember, style is all about comfort. Do what makes you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful.

Photographs: Courtesy of K Jewels