Kajol spills her beauty secrets

If all the Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge reruns weren’t enough to fill your quota of the ever-entertaining Kajol, we’ve got just what you need. We caught up with the actor at the launch of Olay Total Effects Lightweight Anti-Ageing Cream and got her to make some major beauty confessions:

ELLE: What’s does your haircare routine involve?

Kajol: I keep it fairly basic. A good shampoo and conditioner usually does it for me.

ELLE: Would you rather opt for boob implants or butt implants?

Kajol: While I can’t comment on that specifically, I can quote my grandmother’s favourite words, that I personally believe in: boobless, buttless, useless.

ELLE: Would you rather have a bad hair day or dark circles for life?

Kajol: I think, dark circles for life.

ELLE: What’s the one beauty product you always have in your bag?

Kajol: My lip balm, definitely!

ELLE: Would you rather have an inexperienced make-up artist or go without make-up forever?

Kajol: I actually do my own make-up so I have no use for an artist. Inexperienced or none at all, I am fine with either. I do my own stuff.

Catch Kajol at her wittiest best in an exclusive Facebook Live chat with us: 


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