Let Kalki Koechlin define gender equality for you Advertisement

Let Kalki Koechlin define gender equality for you

Something that shouldn't really need an explanation

By Salva Mubarak  February 13th, 2017

We can launch a new iPhone every other month or explore every nook and cranny of planet Mars, but we’re still struggling to understand the concept of gender equality. As part of the #UnitedByHalf campaign launched by United Colors of Benetton, Kalki Koechlin lends her voice to the fight for equal rights.

Koechlin has long been vocal about issues like sexism and sexual taboos in Indian society, which makes her seem like the right person to start the conversation that many in Bollywood choose to avoid. Making a point about how distorted the simple concept has become, she says, “It means human rights. It applies to every human being, male, female, transgenders or anyone. It’s becoming a huge topic of conversation globally, and I think that’s very important.”

The problem is that the message often becomes lost in the noise that has now become par for the course in any conversation about gender equality. “We’re not trying to be better than the male half of the society, we’re just trying to be the equal half. Men and women need to uplift each other as there is also gender stereotyping with men,” she said, adding, “Men are expected to not cry or be macho, so that stereotyping has an effect even on the patriarchy. It’s time for that to change and for humans to be treated as humans.”

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