Sex in your 30s: What Kalki Koechlin found out

Kalki Koechlin always been fearless in her relationship with her own body. At just 21 or 22, the actress performed nude before a London theatre audience in a David Hare play. “That took nerves, just to be in front of an audience and forget myself. But once you’re in character, it’s almost like, that’s not me on stage. My body is actually the least naked part of me.”

Ten years later, Kalki’s extending that self-awareness from the stage to the bedroom. “Sex is better in my thirties; I’m less inhibited with my body. In your twenties, you’re very worried about how people perceive you. I’ve become more selfish in bed now. And I’m fussy (about partners), my bullshit tolerance is a lot less.”

Though she doesn’t just fall for someone because they like her, Kalki adds, “As you get older, you’re just grateful to be getting some.” 

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