Kalki Koechlin turns decorator for FabFurnish Advertisement

Kalki Koechlin turns decorator for FabFurnish

The actor talks about the best way to liven up your home

By Arshie Chevalwala  January 18th, 2016

FabFurnish’s recently launched #HeartIsHome campaign features rustic pieces, vibrant colours and homely furniture. Fancy a lived-in reading corner or a kitschy dining area? You’re covered. Save yourself the styling headache and choose from actor Kalki Koechlin’s curated looks for the online decor store. And you can trust her with your home because her furniture always has:

1. Character
Most of the pieces she picked have a worn out feel and a story to tell. “My mom used to deal in restoring old colonial furniture in Pondicherry and I grew up in a house with a lot of vintage decor, I’m always drawn to pieces you can fall in love with.”

2. Functionality
To her, a space must be comfortable and things should serve their purpose. “I am a messy person and that reflects in these looks as well – it’s a mix and match of things thrown together.”

3. A good bargain
She shops for furniture everywhere from Oshiwara to Chor Bazaar. “I have done a lot of crazy things, like been to Chor Bazaar and haggled for hours to get a piece I wanted. My favourite is this incredible chaise longue with really long legs. Getting it was one big nightmare and we had to redo the weave on it, but it was so worth it. I spend all my mornings in that chair.”

Photograph: Madishetty Manasa